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About Me

Arthur's Pet Pantry is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity helping supplement feeding pets in need. The pantry was founded in 2011 by Cindy McEvoy and in 2014, when McEvoy stepped down, it was taken over by Abigail Erdley. It is currently being run by her mother Sue Straub, family and friends.

Who was Arthur?

At one time an abandoned but personable cat showed up in Mifflinburg who was initially named Crippled. He became a neighborhood cat and lived with a family for a while, but they moved, and he kept coming back to Mifflinburg. There he stayed with an old man and when the man died, Arthur came to his sale and to Christkindle. He went everywhere around town. He became such a town character that he was dubbed Sir Arthur and became known as the Cat Mayor of Mifflinburg.​

Arthur passed away in 2011.

Cindy McEvoy asked her friends what could they do to help pets before they wind up in the shelter system? The answer was to help families having financial difficulties to feed their pets. So, in 2011 the pet food bank was born.

Our Mission 

Provide supplemental pet food to pets for people who might otherwise not to be able to afford it and to help pets stay at home with their families instead of entering the shelter system.


Abigial Erdley
Abigail Erdley
Left to Right:
Sandy Milbrand, Shawn Straub, Sue Straub
Contact Me

meet the staff
Executive Director: Susan Straub
Vice Director: Shawn Straub
Secretary : Grace Knapp
Distribution Coordinator: Sue Straub
Social Media Direcotr: Grace Knapp
Membership:; Anne Russell, Marty Russell, Liz Reigel, Heidi eck, David Eck, Michelle Balloe, Megan Herbster, Evelyn Drumheller, Donna Culp, Michael Culp, Greg Shaffer, Tammie Wendt, David Knapp, Barbara Knapp



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